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April & May Updates & New Tools!

EMAC_admin | May 14, 2021, 3:49 p.m.

In our ongoing efforts to make the Exoplanet Modeling and Analyses Center as user friendly as possible, we have added a "feedback" icon to all of our listed resources! Users can now click on the feedback icon to let us know what buttons they would like to see added to a specific resource. I.e. Jupyter, WebApp, Demo buttons. Users can also submit ideas via the feedback icon. Additionally, we have added a new category: "Hardware Control & Optimization." This category is for resources that model and control hardware performance. For example, algorithms that perform adaptive optics optimization, wavefront sensing and control, segment phasing, etc. As always, we want our site to continue to grow for the good of the world's exoplanet community. If you have any questions about submitting a resource or questions in general please email us at gsfc-emac@mail.nasa.gov . Lastly, we have added 10 new tools!

  • Gemini Planet Imager Data Reduction Pipeline: Official data reduction pipeline for the GPI instrument integral field spectrograph
  • ExoplAn3T: Exoplanet Analysis and 3D visualization Tool
  • RVLIN: A Fast Maximum Likelihood Method for Fitting Multiplanet Keplerian Curves to RV Data Coded in IDL
  • pyLIMA: Microlensing Modeling and Simulation
  • ESO SkyCalc: Web and API interface to The Cerro Paranal Advanced Sky Model
  • exoscene: A Python library for library for simulating direct images of exoplanetary systems
  • FALCO: Wavefront Estimation and Control Software for Coronagraphs
  • Astronet-Triage: A Neural Network for TESS Light Curve Triage
  • SpaceHub: A high-performance gravity integration toolkit for few-body problems in astrophysics
  • RadVel: Radial Velocity Fitting Toolkit: General Toolkit for Modeling Radial Velocities
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