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January Updates and New Tools!

EMAC_admin | Feb. 3, 2021, 11:36 a.m.

Happy New Years! We've added 4 new tools to the EMAC homesite and 2 new demos to our YouTube channel. We also upgraded EMAC mobile. You can now view and share resources and tools hosted on EMAC with the click of a button. Last but certainly not least, you can now see how many ADS citations a tool or resource has and visit the original associated paper with our new ADS button!

Our EMAC Science Support Team has created new YouTube video demos for:

  • Navigating through the EMAC Homepage: Welcome to EMAC!
  • BATMAN: A Python Package for Fast Calculation of Exoplanet Transit Light Curves
Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to view all our demos and follow us on Twitter @ExoplanetModels for more updates!

Lastly, here's a list of new tools posted in November:
  • ATMO: 1D-2D radiative/convective atmospheric code
  • VLT-sphere: Automatic VLT/SPHERE data reduction and analysis
  • SPInS: Stellar Parameters INferred Systematically
  • Catwoman: A transit modelling Python package for asymmetric light curves
Happy Exploring! Stay tuned for more new features coming next month.

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