Exoplanet Modeling and Analysis Center
What is an EMAC Curator?

NASA Goddard's Exoplanet Modeling and Analysis Center features hundreds of exoplanet-related resources that span many scientific disciplines. Our small team tries to ensure the repository stays up-to-date with the latest software, databases, and workflows used by the community - but we can't catch them all. We also don't always know when a certain resource is applicable to a particular category or collection.

This is where Curators come in. Curators are volunteers who occasionally check the collections and categories that fall into their area of expertise, in order to ensure that EMAC's tools are properly labeled, the filtering and search functionality stays relevant, and undiscovered resources are brought to our attention.

Why be a Curator?

Curators help support EMAC's mission of creating a vibrant and inter-connected exoplanet researcher community through the sharing of online and open-source resources. This work is critical in avoiding duplication of work and supporting a collaborative open-science ethos. In addition to supporting this goal, EMAC will ensure that curator work is recognized in the following ways:

  • Name listed on the EMAC Team page.
  • Name listed on the category(ies) / collections that you are supporting.
  • Invitation to talk about your own resource, if applicable, at a future exoVAST seminar.
How do I become a Curator?

Get in touch with us at and let us know what scientific areas (e.g., atmospheric dynamics, planet interiors, stellar physics, etc.) and/or collections (e.g., resources related to a specific missions like JWST, HST, TESS, etc. or other collaborations like SEEC, NExSS, etc.) you would like to curate for.